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10727 Narcoossee Rd,

Orlando, FL 32832

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A Taste of Venezuela in Lake Nona

At Arepa Burger, we've achieved more than just bringing food to the table. We're transporting the heart and soul of Venezuelan traditions straight to Orlando, allowing every bite to tell a story of rich culture, authentic flavors, and passionate craftsmanship

Lake Nona isn't just about sleek family homes or state-of-the-art sports facilities. It's about creating a community where every experience is tailored to evoke wonder and delight. And what could be more delightful than the authentic taste of Venezuela in this trendy locale?

Our Location

Conveniently situated in Lake Nona, Arepa Burger is your local gateway to Venezuelan gastronomy. With the charm of the region and the authenticity of our dishes, it's a culinary journey you don't want to miss.

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A Community Favorite

At Arepa Burger, our authenticity stands unparalleled; our deep-rooted love for Venezuelan cuisine is evident in every dish we craft, each resonating with cherished traditions. As a treasured spot in both Lake Nona and Waterford Lakes, we've established ourselves as more than just a restaurant; we're a haven for food enthusiasts, where it's not solely about the food, but the lasting memories forged with every visit. For those familiar with Venezuelan flavors or those embarking on their first gastronomic adventure, our menu offers an exquisite journey through tastes, textures, and tantalizing aromas that promise both discovery and delight.




Join us for our mouthwatering Lunch Specials at Arepa Burger - Orlando's bite of authentic Venezuela! From savory arepas to crispy chicken nuggets, we're bringing you the true flavors of Venezuela right here in Orlando

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Let Lake Nona introduce you to its vibrant energy. And when the exploration works up an appetite, let Arepa Burger in Lake Nona be your destination for a memorable Venezuelan food experience

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