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857 Woodbury Road Suite 105,

Orlando, FL 32828

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A Culinary Journey, Right Next to UCF

Welcome to the Arepa Burger at Waterford Lake, where the vibrant flavors of Venezuela converge with the bustling energy of one of Orlando's most dynamic regions. Strategically positioned just a stone's throw away from the University of Central Florida, we're proud to be the culinary bookmark in the lives of students, staff, and local residents alike.

There's something magical about finding an authentic culinary retreat amidst the urban hustle. Our location near the University of Central Florida ensures that after a long day of lectures, studies, or campus activities, you're just moments away from diving into a plate of Venezuelan richness.

Our Location

At Arepa Burger in Waterford Lake, the authenticity of Venezuelan flavors shines through every bite. Our dedication to preserving and presenting the true essence of Venezuelan cuisine is evident, offering everything from classic arepas to innovative culinary creations, promising a memorable gastronomic journey. Located at the heart of Waterford Lake, just a step away from UCF, we've established ourselves as a pivotal destination for food enthusiasts and curious palates alike. But our allure isn't limited to our dishes; it's also about the cherished memories we help create with each visit. The ambiance at Arepa Burger seamlessly marries the warm, welcoming vibes of Venezuela with the modern, bustling spirit of Waterford Lake, ensuring that every dining experience stands out as unique and special.

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A Community Favorite

Whether you're a UCF student seeking a taste of home, a faculty member looking for a quick bite, or a local resident in search of something unique, Arepa Burger in Waterford Lake is your destination




Join us for our mouthwatering Lunch Specials at Arepa Burger - Orlando's bite of authentic Venezuela! From savory arepas to crispy chicken nuggets, we're bringing you the true flavors of Venezuela right here in Orlando

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Let Lake Nona introduce you to its vibrant energy. And when the exploration works up an appetite, let Arepa Burger in Lake Nona be your destination for a memorable Venezuelan food experience

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